'Changing lives for the better'

We care for the individual; whether a candidate seeking a new role or a client searching for the right person to join their team, we listen and care for their needs. It can often be a stressful time in both the client and the candidate’s life. Our job is to reduce the stress and worry and ensure the recruitment experience is a rewarding one for all concerned.

We intend to make a long-term positive impact on our clients' businesses and our candidates' careers. We only select kind people when recruiting for the Launch internal team and our consultants are intrinsically caring people, giving back to the community in their private lives. We care about building long-lasting relationships within Launch, with our clients, our candidates, our suppliers and our community. Ultimately, we aim to create happiness and a business that is focused on people who care about making a positive difference. This creates a happy environment in which we love to work.


'Be genuine in everything we do'

Open and transparent communication is the key to delivering an excellent service in recruitment. Real and authentic relationships with clients and candidates are what drive us. Our purpose at Launch is for our customer to reach their highest potential, both in our clients' businesses and in our candidates' careers. Only in authentic relationships can we reach our potential.

Having authenticity as our guiding principle makes it easy to do business, and our people can make decisions quickly based on knowing the right path to take. It may sometimes be the harder road, however in the long-term it will build a stronger relationship. We accept that sometimes the consequences of being genuine means that we won’t close a job or we won’t win an account. Fundamentally, we believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships and are the only ones worth having.


'Delivering the world's best recruitment experience'

We aim to set the highest benchmark in service delivery to our clients and candidates. We strive to lead the industry in the way we do business, with our expertise, our continued education, and our commitment to the 'Launch standard'. We continually invest in technology, we are agile in our approach, and we innovate to deliver efficiency to our customer. Launch consultants are passionate about continuous improvement and our education program promotes a high performance culture. 


'Be personally accountable and committed to quality'

We are fully accountable and continuously measure our performance both internally and externally. We are committed to quality and audit our processes, operations and behaviours through Quality Assurance ISO 9001. We are courageous in our pursuit of excellence in an industry that lacks governance and regulation. We define our success by the success of our candidates and their contribution to our clients' businesses. 


'Set the bar high and clear it'

We continually reach for the stars! Launchers embody each of the Launch values of caring, authenticity, excellence and accountability, and everyone on the team strives to live these values each and every day. 

About Our Core Values

Our culture is built around five core values that Launch people live by; Caring, Authenticity, Excellence, Accountability and Launcher. Not only are these values important to us internally, we only work with clients and candidates that have alignment to our commitment to these values.