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How to Use a Recruitment Consultant Effectively

Recruiters have, at times, been the subject of harsh criticism, sometimes warranted, but often the result of a lack of understanding of the role of a recruiter and how to use them effectively when looking for a job. The following points may be useful in assisting a job seeker to utilise a recruitment consultant more effectively:

How to Induct a New Employee

Inducting a new employee is a challenge made easier by watching this video from Launch Recruitment MD, Rebecca Wallace. Onboarding tips with "New Recruit Checklist" to download free. Watch and learn how to induct a new employee.

Your Online Brand Can Open Doors

Having a strong online brand can open doors to great opportunities. Rebecca Wallace of Launch Recruitment shares some pointers on how to develop your online brand so that it will open doors for you.

Writing a Winning Resume

A resume is a tool used to market your skills and experience when seeking a new role. Like any marketing document you must consider your audience, ensure the document is easy to read and includes all the relevant information. A well written resume is part of the essential tool kit you require in job search. We also recommend that your online profile is up to date and appropriate. When writing a resume start with the end in mind, consider the job you are aiming to secure, write your resume highlighting your skills and experience pertinent to that role.

Setting Sales Targets a Launch Recruitment Video

It's crucial for a sales person to have clearly defined goals and targets for their job satisfaction and so they - and you - are able to measure performance. Rebecca Wallace, Launch Recruitment MD, talks about how to set realistic sales targets that will motivate your sales team and work for your business.

How to Present Yourself Well in an Interview

Know how to sell your talents. We meet fabulous people who unfortunately don’t present well in interview due to their lack of ability to articulate their contribution in previous roles. This is an important skill in itself and for some people doesn't come easily.

How to Resign the Right Way

It’s a big decision to change jobs and the process should be considered and thorough. When it comes time to resign, your objectives should be to; maintain your professional reputation, minimise negative impact on your parting employer and retain your valuable contacts and a ‘door always open’ result. The Australian market place is small, don’t let a poorly handled resignation tarnish your reputation. Even if your current work situation is not ideal or professional, this doesn’t give leave for you to compromise your professionalism. If the resignation is executed respectfully, most often the employee will find the manager cooperative and in fact, wishes only the best for the exiting staff member.

Are You Sure You’re Hiring The Best in 2014?

The impact of a miss-hire is steep in every organisation and is felt in hard costs of recruitment, training and on-boarding, along with the soft cost of company moral, opportunity cost and not to mention potential legal and severance costs. Here's how you can go about putting together a thorough and standardised recruitment process to make sure you have the right talent on board.

Attracting The Best Talent

It’s a competitive market for top talent in the sectors which we supply. Some of our client companies have well planned candidate attraction strategies to be sure they are in the running for securing the best talent our market has to offer. It’s your people who drive business growth, so attracting the best deserves a well thought out plan and a dedicated team to implement it.

Recruitment Industry Trends 2013

The speed of change in the industry has surpassed our expectation with a plethora of topics to discuss, as a start; mobility, technology investment, increased importance of social media, procurement’s focus on indirect spend, growth of internal recruitment teams, actionable analytics and LinkedIn. Launch Managing Director, Rebecca Wallace shares her insights.
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