How to Use a Recruitment Consultant Effectively

Recruiters have, at times, been the subject of harsh criticism, sometimes warranted, but often the result of a lack of understanding of the role of a recruiter and how to use them effectively when looking for a job. The following points may be useful in assisting a job seeker to utilise a recruitment consultant more effectively:

How to Get the Job You Want While Working - Up-Skilling

The most successful people know that to achieve their career goals it’s important to be proactive and constantly increase their work skills. If you're wondering how to get the job you want, a promotion or a pay rise, here are 5 approaches you can take to up-skill while at work.

10 Tips for Achieving Wellness at Work

Wellness is the key to maintaining the energy and focus we need to be fulfilled and reach our personal and professional goals. Taking advantage of workplace health initiatives and supporting ourselves from the inside out are the key to keeping on top of it all and staying happy and healthy at work.

Retention Tips to Keep Top Talent

Retaining key talent requires planning. Huge costs for businesses in employee turnover make it vital to develop ways to keep key staff. Ensure you get employee feedback and keep lines of communication open. Keeping staff engaged and feeling valued as well as competitive rates of pay and reimbursement.

Job Interviews: Are There Really Only 3 Questions that Matter?

Recent articles suggest that there are only 3 job interview questions that employers want answered. It is, however, important to think about these questions in terms of behavioural descriptive interview (BDI) examples. Launch recommends constructive practice of typical interview questions. Recalling examples of success after overcoming obstacles and showing a commitment to self improvement and learning are also important in job interviews.

Top 12 Tips to Get a Great Job in 2015

Finding a new job can be extremely time consuming and requires that you plan and focus as much as you would when already engaged in your dream role. These 12 tips will help you to find a great job in 2015.

The Do's and Don'ts of Your Performance Review

Performance review time can be daunting. However, being well prepared and having well thought out answers to likely questions, will make this process easier. Here are some do's and don'ts for approaching your performance review in a positive and constructive way. Remember, a performance review can be a time to shine but also to discuss your future employment and training options. This is the time to show your boss just how committed and pro active you are in your job.

How to Use Social Media Effectively in Your Job Search Over the Holiday Season

If you're looking for a new job or career change, the holiday season can be a great time to keep searching and networking using social media. You will have less competition and more chance to network with people and reconnect by sending holiday greetings. Here are some tips for how to use social media effectively in your job search over the holidays.

How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile in 20 Steps - Part 1

This 20 point series in 2 parts will show you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. It is focused on candidates who are looking to find a new career, promotion or be recruited by successfully using the LinkedIn social media network.