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How to Use a Recruitment Consultant Effectively

Recruiters have, at times, been the subject of harsh criticism, sometimes warranted, but often the result of a lack of understanding of the role of a recruiter and how to use them effectively when looking for a job. The following points may be useful in assisting a job seeker to utilise a recruitment consultant more effectively:

Get Ready for New Job Opportunities

Whilst technical skills will be needed for years to come in every industry, now is a great time for job seekers to broaden the skills they need to become more marketable. Our blog shares some simple steps you can take to uncover new opportunities and help land your dream role.

Meet the Launch Team

Meet some of the Launch team in our new video and find out what makes us a unique and great place to work!

Hiring Contractors in a Fast Moving Market

There’s been a large increase in the number of contract roles opening up within IT and Telecommunications, and candidates are now receiving two to three job offers at any one time. This means that employers need to adapt to ensure they engage the best talent before their competitors do.

How to Land a Great Job by Tapping into Multiple Channels

I often use the term “finding a job is a full time job”. It requires all the same planning, focus, hard work and motivation as you would normally apply to your ideal role. It follows that the more effort you apply during the job search process, the better the result in achieving your “ideal role”.

Are You Sure You’re Hiring The Best in 2014?

The impact of a miss-hire is steep in every organisation and is felt in hard costs of recruitment, training and on-boarding, along with the soft cost of company moral, opportunity cost and not to mention potential legal and severance costs. Here's how you can go about putting together a thorough and standardised recruitment process to make sure you have the right talent on board.

Attracting The Best Talent

It’s a competitive market for top talent in the sectors which we supply. Some of our client companies have well planned candidate attraction strategies to be sure they are in the running for securing the best talent our market has to offer. It’s your people who drive business growth, so attracting the best deserves a well thought out plan and a dedicated team to implement it.
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