How to Use Social Media Effectively in Your Job Search Over the Holiday Season

If you're looking for a new job or career change, the holiday season can be a great time to keep searching and networking using social media. You will have less competition and more chance to network with people and reconnect by sending holiday greetings. Here are some tips for how to use social media effectively in your job search over the holidays.

How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile in 20 Steps - Part 1

This 20 point series in 2 parts will show you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. It is focused on candidates who are looking to find a new career, promotion or be recruited by successfully using the LinkedIn social media network.

How to Induct a New Employee

Inducting a new employee is a challenge made easier by watching this video from Launch Recruitment MD, Rebecca Wallace. Onboarding tips with "New Recruit Checklist" to download free. Watch and learn how to induct a new employee.

Your Online Brand Can Open Doors

Having a strong online brand can open doors to great opportunities. Rebecca Wallace of Launch Recruitment shares some pointers on how to develop your online brand so that it will open doors for you.

Writing a Winning Resume

A resume is a tool used to market your skills and experience when seeking a new role. Like any marketing document you must consider your audience, ensure the document is easy to read and includes all the relevant information. A well written resume is part of the essential tool kit you require in job search. We also recommend that your online profile is up to date and appropriate. When writing a resume start with the end in mind, consider the job you are aiming to secure, write your resume highlighting your skills and experience pertinent to that role.

Managing Your Employment Brand

As an employer, you have a brand: an employment brand. Not widely recognised nor spoken about, your employment brand will be the made up of job seekers' and candidates' opinions and experiences. From the minute you advertise a role right through to the day you go your separate ways, your employment brand is being evaluated (and created) by candidates and staff. Read here tips on how to ensure you're creating a positive employment brand during those critical first encounters a job seeker has with your brand.

10 Behaviours of a Successful First Week at Your New Job

It's your first day at your new job after spending an enormous amount of energy finding and securing your new role. But have you put as much energy into planning and preparing for your first week? Take a look at our top ten behaviours to ensure you have a great start to your new career. What would you add to our list?

Setting Sales Targets a Launch Recruitment Video

It's crucial for a sales person to have clearly defined goals and targets for their job satisfaction and so they - and you - are able to measure performance. Rebecca Wallace, Launch Recruitment MD, talks about how to set realistic sales targets that will motivate your sales team and work for your business.

Why Just ‘Beating the Competition’ is a C

All sales people do it: we watch the competition closely, sometimes to mimic, sometimes to mock. It's time to focus on what's really going to set you apart...