Contractors and Temps*


Whether you are in an assignment for a day, a week, a month, or an ongoing assignment, you will need to complete and submit a weekly timesheet through the portal by 5:00pm each Friday to ensure you do not miss processing deadlines.

Timesheets are a legal document and it is essential that they be completed accurately. 


Once you have completed and submitted your timesheet or expense claim, an automated email will be sent to your manager for approval. As soon as the timesheet is approved, an email will be sent back to you as confirmation.

The Portal

After being successfully placed in a temporary or contract role, you will receive an email containing log in details for our payroll portal. Within the portal you will be able to manage all of your personal details (including bank account and address) as well as log timesheets and expense claims.

When you first log in you will be required to accept any compliance documents relevant for your new role including our contractor WH&S manual.  Once accepted you will also have access to these and other documents in the download section of your dashboard as well as in the compliance docs section of your profile

Launch requires you to submit a hard copy Tax File Declaration form and Choice of Superannuation form. These forms will be provided to you either when you registered in person or mailed in the post. It is a legal requirement that Launch receive both of this form in hard copy before we can process your payments.


Superannuation is accrued each pay run and paid quarterly. If you wish to use a choice fund please ensure that you provide Launch with a Choice of Superannuation form. If you do no submit details of a choice fund your super will be paid into Kinetic Super

Our Temps are our ambassadors

While working in a contract assignment through Launch Recruitment, you are representing our company. You should also remember that we are your employer. You should contact us immediately if you have any questions, queries, or concerns regarding your assignment, and also if your circumstances change.

Any questions?

If you have any queries in relation to payroll or superannuation, please contact Helen in our payroll department on (02) 9232 8133.