Career Tips 30/04/2019 by "Elin Gill"

10 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable Within Your Organisation

10 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable Within Your Organisation

If you’re a tech professional, you’ve probably been enjoying the slew of recruiter suitors on your door (or in your inbox) hoping for the chance to whisk you away to a brand new role. There is no denying that it’s nice to be wanted, but what about when you’re in the job and the pressure is on?

It’s time to make a name for yourself.

Making yourself indispensable requires those around you being aware of the great attributes you have and recognising you as a valuable asset to the team. While it’s important to be conscious about sharing your skills and experience with your colleagues and business leaders, it is action that is always going to speak louder than words.

Making yourself indispensable means being indispensable. If it is what you want to achieve, you need to visibly commit yourself to making a difference to your company, your team, your business — heck, even with your family and friends. All change always begins with you.

That may sound heavy, but we assure you it really is quite easy. Making a good impression and positioning yourself as a critical asset in your company basically just requires being nice and getting joy from your work. Attitude is infectious.

10 quality tips for positioning yourself as an indispensable member of any team:

1. Help others

Do this without expecting much in return. Learn to take pleasure in watching others succeed and others will take notice.


2‌. Dedicate yourself to high standards

Bring your best to everything you do, and continuously raise the bar for yourself, thus increasing it around you.

3. Do what you say you will do

Don’t make commitments you cannot keep. Do what you say you will do, or even do more.

4. Be of value to others

Offer your services. Be the one that people reach out to, the one from whom people seek mentorship and coaching, information, and solutions.


5. Be open and adaptable

Learn to embrace change and help others to see the benefits of moving with the tides.


6‌. Be honest

Whether it’s a mistake, a missed deadline, or a bad judgment call, communicate openly and work hard to find good solutions to any problems you may have caused. Never engage in blame-placing.


7. Work hard and go the extra mile

Indispensable people expand their role by going beyond their scope. Whatever the job, make a point of helping others and reaching for more.


8‌. Focus on inclusion and collaboration

If you’re not already, learn to become the person who thrives on working with others and thinks to include others to solve problems.


‌9. Stay positive

Enjoy the journey, rather than just focusing on the finish line. Be positive, be that person that is a joy for others to be around while you’re all working to build your success.

10. Be humble

In the pursuit of indispensability, it’s important not to let the ego take a hold. Yes, you’re awesome for offering to help others and doing great work, but no truly indispensable person brags about being indispensable.


While it’s important to work hard to add value and become an indispensable part of the team, we do understand that on some occasions all the hard work in the world doesn’t make a better working situation.