Career Tips 22/12/2017 by "Launch Recruitment Team"

New Year, New Rules! Five Tips on Achieving Your Career Goals

achieving career goals in 2018

Does the thought of going back to the daily grind fill you with dread? Or maybe you’re craving greater job satisfaction, career progression, higher salary, more challenging projects or better corporate culture? With the new year just around the corner, now is the time to reflect back on the year that was. It’s a time to set goals and reset the rules, fill in your skill gaps and prepare for the most effective approach to take the next step in your career. Take a read of our five top tips to making the new year your most successful yet:

Set goals for the New Year

Goal-setting is one of the most effective ways to achieve results and a great time to explore what you want the year ahead to look like. Your goals should act as the catalyst to help direct you where you want to be, both in the short-term and long-term. Sit down to think about what you want in the new year, this means self-reflection, both personally and professionally. It also means asking yourself some important questions, such as; what is your intention? Is it the job role or the company you’ve outgrown? What do you need from your employer? What role do you desire? Based on your goals, start outlining a plan of action.

Use the Christmas season to network

Networking doesn’t come easy to some. However, the festive season allows for a slightly more relaxed vibe where people are winding down and are more socially available for meet and greets, therefore your approach doesn’t need to be a formal introduction. This time of year is great to send out a few emails, check in or catch up with old colleagues, fellow students, school and university alumni and industry contacts. According to a Linkedin report, 43% of quality hires come through professional social networks; employee referral programs account for 32%. Perhaps you’re looking for a new role with your current employer? In our last blog, we talked about why attending the work Christmas party was a great networking opportunity. For bigger companies, it’s a time CEO’s and other C-Suite profiles make their rare appearances. Be confident, know your worth and start up a conversation, have your voice heard and your name remembered.

Use the holiday period to up-skill

The Christmas break is a great time to reflect and think about the skills you have gained over the last year and the skills that might be missing. Consider new accomplishments and notable contributions you’ve made at your current job as well as any projects you’ve been apart of outside of the workplace. Then, strategise ways in which you can seek experience to fill any gaps you might have. Take a read of last month’s blog where we gave tips on how to up-skill fast, effectively and for free!

Decide what you want from an employer

You don’t want to be spending the holiday period using all your time and resources applying for jobs that vaguely tick some of your boxes. If you’ve set goals, (refer to tip one!) you have already identified what motivates you, what your passions are, what your values are, and what you need from a job role and an employer. This sets you up to be more strategic with your approach, and ultimately frees up your time (for your 3rd serving of Christmas pudding, right?). When it comes to your current employer, stay true to your goals and be sure you are employed by a company that is aligned with what you want in the new year and beyond.

Be time-savvy

When is the best time to apply for a job? Many believe it’s January – new year, new roles, right? Wrong, according to Executives Online who analysed ten years of hiring data. Results saw candidate registrations surge in January, which could impact the chances of getting hired in January as so many people launch new job searches at the beginning of the year. It may be better, when applying, to wait for a calmer month. Statistically, according to the data, February is one of the best months in which the number of new jobs exceeds the year average.

Follow these tips to help transition smoothly into your new role in the new year. Here’s to a happy, successful, goal-smashing new year!