Career Tips 25/08/2016 by "Lisa Morell"

Launch Sydney Makes the Move to an Innovative New Office

new Sydney office for Launch Recruitment

They say change is as good as a rest, and the Launch Sydney team is refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running in our brand new office! Our bigger and brighter premises at 9 Castlereagh St provides plenty of space for our growing team and ‘brings the outside in” by creating a holistic workplace that blends recycled materials, natural light and organic design. A healthy, happy office environment can boost staff retention and increase productivity, and with this in mind, the space is designed to help increase our team’s morale, health and well-being.

Our workspaces are designed to be as close as possible to the windows to allow for maximum light across desks and screens, which is a great way to help staff soak up Vitamin D (especially in winter!). In an age where we’re chained to our phones and glued to multiple screens, working in a light-filled area is a free and easy way to create happier, healthier staff. In fact, studies have shown that employees who have more exposure to natural light are likely to have increased sleep duration, a better quality of sleep and engage in more physical activity[1].

With a company-wide Fitbit challenge also in place, we’re striving to promote these health benefits for our employees, which reflects the quality of work and high level of job satisfaction we see at Launch.

With fresh, green plants, we’re literally breathing life into the office to clear the mind and enhance our focus. Having plants in an office environment can help relieve stress, and greenery in the office has been shown to reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, hostility and fatigue by up to 58% compared to spaces where there are no plants[2].

Lighting, air quality, noise, and the basic layout of an office are all proven to affect productivity at work, so we’ve designed breakout areas to foster strong team mentality and encourage collaboration. Research shows that allowing freedom with regards to when, where and how employees work helps increase productivity, satisfaction and innovative perceptions of a company[3]. To aid mobility and flexibility in how we work, staff have been equipped with state-of-the art, ergonomically designed Sit Stand desks to increase alertness and comfort. With an innovative twist, the desks have activity monitors to capture activity stats in real time!

As a technology recruitment provider, we always strive to embrace the latest technologies and our office has been designed to reflect that. Through lots of research and consultation, we’ve achieved our goal of creating a happier, healthier work space and are excited to make the move!