Career Tips 25/03/2019 by "Launch Recruitment Team"

LinkedIn Etiquette As We Enter Facebookification

LinkedIn Etiquette

We. Love. LinkedIn! I mean, what recruitment agency cannot adore a tool which allows professionals to identify and network with one another? There is likely not a recruiter on this planet who doesn’t invest half their life on this platform. Considering this, if there was any individual industry that was going to have significant gripes about how people behave on this platform, it’s going to be us. So, as the self-proclaimed authority on how one should conduct oneself on LinkedIn, let’s talk about etiquette.

Gone are the good old days when the biggest gripe about behaviour on LinkedIn was lacking a good photo, or not logging in frequently enough to respond to connections or messages. Today it feels a little like LinkedIn has lost its way, after selling to Microsoft in late 2016 users and the platform itself seems kind of confused about what’s going on. Perhaps it is this which has led us to the Facebookification of LinkedIn, which now appears to be plaguing the platform.

I’m sure everyone knows what we’re talking about. If you’ve logged in lately and wondered why your LinkedIn newsfeed looks a lot like your Facebook feed, that is what we’re getting at.  

With the lines blurring a bit between how much you should be reflected on your professional networking page, let’s go over some tips for staying on the right side of professionalism.

LinkedIn is not Facebook

We know it can be tempting to share cute Happy Friday cat videos, or memes about Monday’s that counter the anti-Monday culture and make you look uber motivated and stoked for work. While they’re cute and yes, people stop to engage with them, this sort of content could work for or against you. While one company may love that you show personality on the platform, there will be five that view it as unprofessional.

Observe your behaviour on the platform. Is it becoming too casual? This goes for both what you share on the newsfeed and how you engage with connections.

LinkedIn do’s and don’t’s:

Newsfeed do’s:

What you share can be useful to your network and can demonstrate that you have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening within your field. Do share useful articles and insights relevant to your role or industry.

Newsfeed don’t’s:

Avoid the memes, videos and whatever else could be borderline unprofessional. If it adds no knowledge-value to your network, it is probably not worth sharing.

Networking do’s:

Send an introduction to everyone you connect with. LinkedIn is a networking platform, and the best connections go from a little electronic link to a conversation, to potentially a job, doing business together, or being able to ask one another for advice. Without the introduction, the connection added no value to you or the person you connected with.

Networking don’t’s:

Everyone you connect with is not automatically obligated to meet you, be your friend, buy from you or hire you. Relationships online work the same as they do offline, you have to invest in them, this must be developed, but only if the other party is wanting. Be careful to respect the people you connect with, offer to meet or assist, but also respect if they are too busy or do not get back to you.

Where do you stand on the blurring lines of the social platforms? If you’re in need of some direction on how best to present and secure your next role, get in touch with the team at Launch Recruitment. We would love to hear your LinkedIn stories and help you put your best foot forward.