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How to make your new employee’s first day a smashing success

new employees first day success

First days can be scary. This is true for employee and employer alike. Filled with nerves and excitement, new employees are bound to be a little on edge and unsure of what to do when first entering the office for duty. Employers that make an effort to welcome their new employees properly, ensuring they feel welcome and thoroughly briefed, are going to reap the rewards of stronger relationships and staff that are happier and more confident, thus more productive and likely to stay in your employ.

When we talk about making new staff feel welcome, it’s not just smiles and friendly faces that they need to feel at home in their new surroundings. Smiles and welcoming faces are step one, but beyond this, there are many little details that are simple to offer and go a long way in ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

If you don’t have a formal process in place already, it’s time to take a pen and jot down these “must complete” activities to make your new employee’s first day a success.

Prepare other staff for the newcomer

Send out a simple email across the office letting staff know that you have a new person starting, including which team they will join and what role they will step into. This is a step that is often overlooked, but failing to warn the broader office that they have a new colleague can make the first day very awkward for your new employee having to explain again and again who they are.

Prepare their workspace

All computers, phones, notepads, pens, and other essential work tools should be sitting on your new employees’ desk ready to greet them when they arrive. Ensure that all electronics have been properly set up, or if the employee needs to do something to aid in the set-up, make sure that there are step by step instructions on how to go through this.

Elect the welcoming committee

Every new employee needs a nominated person or mentor to guide them and someone they can lean on while finding their feet in a new office. Ensure there is someone to greet them and talk them through what to expect on their first day and the days thereafter. Offering an itinerary of the day is also a great idea so that your new employee knows what to expect and can mentally prepare for the day ahead. This should include time for introductions, time for training and time to go through first day documents.

Set out all the paperwork

In addition to preparing their workspace, make sure that all of the first day documents that need signing are on their desk along with instructions. Included here, also, should be any employee manuals or other manuals that the new staff member will need to review or keep handy for the future.

Get the team together

The icing on the cake of a great first day is a nice lunch or afternoon tea with your new employee and their immediate team where they can socialise more casually and get comfortable with one another. It can be a fancy restaurant lunch, cocktails after work or cupcakes in the break-room, it’s being brought together like friends that makes this step so important for a successful first day. It will help to build bonds between your staff.

As part of our recruitment process, Launch ensures our candidates experience a smooth onboarding and can assist our clients in developing their onboarding process. Get in touch today to see how we can help you find your next new team member.

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