Launch has played a key role in communicating our brand by assisting us to secure talent across all disciplines. I find the Launch consultants to be true recruitment partners to myself and our hiring managers. They understand the importance of building relationships over time, provide market advice and guidance without the hard sell, and deliver with a thorough and consistent methodology. I have no hesitation in recommending Launch Recruitment to any organisation that values honesty, integrity and passion in their recruitment supplier.

Victoria Casey, Talent and Acquisition Manager, Macquarie Telecom


Launch Recruitment has been our preferred supplier for temporary contractors for many years. Launch has provided us with excellent contractors often at short notice. Many of those contractors have gone on to win permanent jobs with our organisation thereby significantly reducing our recruitment, training and development costs. Launch have a thorough understanding of our business and requirements and they provide contractors that are ideally suited to the specific needs of each individual role.

Carolyn, as our recruitment specialist asks relevant questions to determine the exact nature of the role and confirms costs and timeframes. Generally, we do not need to interview candidates as we are confident with Launch’s assessment of the quality, employment readiness and ‘fit’ for the proposed contractors. Carolyn keeps in contact with the contractors and checks in with us on a regular basis in order to confirm that arrangements are working well. Finally, Launch’s web based CMS is simple and easy to use for the contractor and the approver, and their terms of account are most favourable. I am very pleased to recommend Launch as a supplier.

Marina Osmo, Registry Manager, Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal


Leading up to the Amazon launch in Australia, we were unable to advertise or disclose any information about the company, due to a need to maintain first-to-market strategy as a competitive advantage. Launch Recruitment were able to go above and beyond the call of duty to fill these positions, while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Rob Sequeira, Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon Web Services


I need a human resource supplier to be responsive, understand my requirements, screen and propose high calibre candidates. Launch consistently do all of this. And, with their understanding of our market and requirements, really provide a value add to the challenges we face as a business. Launch is a great cultural fit with our business and they are a pleasure to work with.

Nick Stonefield, Head of Consulting & Project Management, Orange Business Services


Launch has been a reliable supplier and provided exceptional service delivery. The team add value and are friendly, approachable and available to help. Launch provides talent consulting and has operated at all levels of recruitment for us. A great supplier who differentiates themselves based on their service and commitment.

Lina Papillo, Head of Recruitment, NBN Co


Launch are a member of our preferred recruiter panel. They provide a very professional service from both a candidate and client perspective. The quality of candidates that they have provided to our business over the years is very high. They understand both the culture of our business and our business model very well and are able to communicate this to candidates as the first point of contact. We are very satisfied with the relationship we have with the Launch team.

Jill Cole, Head of HR, AP North, Korea, and ANZ, Nokia Siemens Network


Carolyn is such a professional and a great support to our organisation. We cannot praise her enough - she is fearless and frank when required and supportive and able to lend a hand to us gently when required. She has not only provided support for this role but also others as well. More broadly Launch has provided us with coaching and support on our organisation structure as well as personal support for our staff when required.

 Kit McMahon, CEO, Girls Guide Australia


Personal, professional, and pro-active client service, with focus on specific needs of our business and culture, and flexibility in working with us. Highly recommended.

Jason Macarthur, GM Finance and Corporate Services, Company Secretary, HAL


I have found that the candidates we received from Launch to be of the highest standard. Carolyn is faultless throughout the process from receiving the order, to supply a list of quality candidates through to monitoring their assignment to the end. I highly recommend Carolyn and the team from Launch Recruitment.

Tanya Chesworth, Operations Manager, Service Skills Australia


I have been involved with three recruitment drives with Launch and each time has been a positive experience. Our requirements  changed for each three  recruitment drives, however the quality of candidates from Launch did not. Overall the standard was very high, Launch's pre-screening process is very robust and I don't feel I have ever wasted my time interviewing people clearly not appropriate for our roles.I personally deal with Lauren who knows my team well and continues to stay in contact during and after each time new staff are required. She is a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend her for any future staff recruitment.

Joel O’Neill, Analyst Team Leader, Assurance CSD, Network and Technology, AAPT


Launch Recruitment has expert knowledge in our industry which is beneficial to us when seeking niche technical skills in our candidates, along with the sharing their market knowledge. The investment the Launch team has made in getting to know our people, business and industry is reflected in the quality and fit of the candidates they present. Launch is very effective and efficient in their delivery. I highly recommend their services.

Pina Hasbani, Director, Human Resources & Communications, Crown Castle


Launch have provided Uecomm with great support and results when we have needed to fill vacant positions. Their approach in getting to know our people, our business and most importantly our culture has been the key to our successful relationship. Whilst they are well connected and knowledgeable in the telecommunications field it is their desire to get to know the business they is working with and their intuition about cultural fit that brings that “x” factor & the greatest benefit. Uecomm prides itself on its high customer and staff satisfaction, Launch have been able to identify these intrinsic values when we have needed new people and the results speak for themselves – we have long term, highly engaged, tech savvy employees. Launch has my highest recommendation.

John Stevens Director, Customer Solutions & Operations Uecomm


Fantastic service providers who strive and succeed in understanding our business, people and positions. Launch is very effective and efficient in their delivery. I highly recommend their services to anyone.

Jennifer Stanfield, HR Generalist, MLA


AECL has found Launch Recruitment to be responsive to our needs in terms of understanding the varied roles and responsibilities of positions that we have sought their assistance to fill. They have broad access to many talented people and we have been lucky to attract such talent with the assistance of Launch Recruitment. I recommend any client consider Launch Recruitment when next they are seeking assistance to fill vacant positions.

                                        James Kellaway, Managing Director, Australian Egg Corporation


One of the things I particularly valued from Launch was the way they work through with me my thoughts on the candidates’ respective strengths and how they would cope in a range of envisaged situations. These iterations saw us choose a completely outstanding employee who was so successful that, two-and-a-half years later when I needed to set up a separate company, that employee was appointed to run it. This, of course, left me with the need to re-fill their original position, which I did with the help of Launch at the beginning of 2013. This has also proved to be a very successful appointment. I think Launch do an outstanding job at understanding the dynamics of the telecommunications industry and are expert at finding candidates who are much more than just broadly qualified for individual roles.

John Stanton, CEO, Communications Alliance


We have been working with Sasha for around a year, and in that time she has managed to place a number of excellent candidates at our company, which is a challenge in a niche industry such as ours. She has been a pleasure to work with; for her honesty, transparency and tenacity. We look forward to continuing to use Sasha for our recruiting needs.

Siva Ahilan, Senior Project Director, Netgem


I have found when having engaged Launch recruitment they have always been very professional in their approach. In particular Launch has a consultative style towards recruitment and always provides proactive feedback so you understand where things are at in the process. Often Launch go the extra mile and make introductions to share information through industry forums and workshops which provides an excellent opportunity to network with your peers. My experience has been they add value to recruitment process and often make helpful suggestions to ensure that all avenues have been explored and thought through. I have always felt that Launch treat their clients with respect, are courteous while bringing a good balance of professional advice at the same time leveraging the Launch community to improve the client experience which brings a broader aspect to recruitment.

Patrick Carson, Business Program Manager, Australian Red Cross


Launch Recruitment have consistently demonstrated professionalism, understanding and the willingness to work with their client.  They have been a great recruitment company to work with as their approach is very much about the client’s business that they represent and the role that they are working to fill.  For a different recruitment approach Launch is definitely the company to work with.  Thank you for consistently delivering quality and care.

LuLu Shiraz, Senior AD, EMC