Career Tips 14/11/2019 by "Maria Zemskova"

Top Job Application Tips For Sales Candidates

Top Job Application Tips For Sales Candidates

If you happen to be close enough to someone who works in recruitment, you may have heard some stories about the conversations we have with people day in and day out. From the utterly delightful serendipitous situations, through to the downright facepalm worthy occurrences. We get our fair share of both. What is so great about this, however, is that it only takes a few simple points to completely transform an interaction from being a facepalm story to being the perfect sales candidate. Here’s how: 

#1 – Apply For Roles That You Want

There is nothing that will put a red flag against your name quicker than applying for roles and then telling us that you don’t actually want them – and then telling us again that on second thoughts you could do it. 

This flip-flopping is the opposite of what our clients are looking for. They want hungry salespeople with relevant experience and a passion for their product. We can’t consider candidates that are on the fence about what kind of work they want to do. 

Before applying for jobs, we encourage candidates to take some time to soul-search. Be specific about what you want. Don’t just apply for every role on the market. 

#2 – Remember What You Apply For

We understand that active job seekers may apply for a few roles, and not all descriptions are so different that you can keep a mental ledger of what you’ve applied for. However, you absolutely should keep track somewhere. 

Keep a notebook with you to quickly reference what jobs you have applied for. Add a few notes on what interested you about this role. This helps you to quickly get back up to speed when talking to recruiters and HR. 

#3 – Show Interest When We Call

It’s important to remember that there will be other candidates who have been dying to receive this phone call. While recruiters and HR professionals know that we will sometimes catch you off guard, you need to recognise that impressions count and candidates who are genuinely interested to hear from us are going to be perceived much better than those who appeared uninterested and blasé.

Also, you’re in sales. This is the first chance for us to see how you operate on your toes. Whether unprepared or not, good salespeople — BDMs and AMs — should be able to turn the call around and win us over. Showing that you appreciate the call, even if you have failed to remember what you applied for, is one big step in the right direction. 

#4 – Don’t Apply For Roles You Can’t Do

As an example, if you’ve lost your licence, it’s probably not a great idea to apply for a role that requires you to drive around to visit clients. 

Transparency is the best method to win favour with recruiters. If you want the role but miss something, let us know in the application and tell us how you can overcome this. Don’t drop a brick wall on us when we call. Once you’re ready to chase after something you really want, and you’d be excited to hear from us, be sure to send in your resume and search our roles.