Career Tips 17/07/2019 by "Samantha Garden"

4 Steps to Fierce Female Leadership

4 Tips to Get Ahead as a Woman in IT & Tech

Here at Launch, we get pretty excited at any opportunity to cheer on the women of tech who are smashing ceilings, balancing out board rooms and working to create more opportunities for their peers and the young women who will come after them.

Of late, support for women in tech has increased, and more awareness has been raised of the significant imbalance and what organisations can do to encourage women into the sector and balance out their workforce.

Here are 4 tips on getting ahead as a woman in tech;

Leverage Your Strengths and Advance Your Career

Too often, women in tech are working hard to be like men in tech. While we’re big believers that there should be no real distinction and we should all simply be people in tech, we also feel it’s crucial that women come to realise that being a woman is a strength. The unique way that you think and address challenges; this should not be dulled or moulded to conform, it should be harnessed and honed.

Build Resilience and Thrive in a Fast-Paced Environment

The tech sector is ever-changing, fast-paced, stressful and full of exciting challenges. Regardless of gender, resilience is a crucial character trait that every professional in the tech space is going to need to develop. For women, of course, there is another layer. Whether you experience gender discrimination or not, a lack of representation by way of female leadership can be deflating, and resilience is essential to keep pushing forward, knowing you will get there, even when you can’t see examples of others who have been there before.

Power Success Through Mentoring

Lack of other female examples is one significant factor that deters women from entering or progressing in the tech space. This is why mentors are critical to getting inspired and getting ahead. There are so many women out there doing amazing things, many of whom are excited to share their experience and tips with others. If you can’t find them in your own company, look for mentors outside of your office. One great place to start is Mentorloop, an Aussie startup founded by two powerful women in tech.

Boost Your Confidence and Prepare for the Age of AI

Building confidence in the tech space comes from gaining experience and gaining knowledge. In this fast-paced sector, don’t leave your ongoing learning in someone else’s hands. Keep up to date on what is happening in the tech space. Observe which technologies are going to be in high demand, upskill in these areas if you are technical or educate yourself about these areas if you are operational. Nothing boosts confidence like being a subject matter expert on a particular topic, and nothing makes you more appealing to an organisation.

Getting ahead as a woman in tech is mostly about forgetting about the divides, embracing what makes you unique, finding others to inspire you and always staying ahead of what is happening in the sector.

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