News 12/12/2018 by "Launch Recruitment Team"

5 tactics to improve your hiring process

how to improve hiring process

For many years now, securing the best staff in tech and telco has been tough. Demand for skilled employees has increased exponentially, and the number of people available has decreased while more tech jobs are available than ever before and universities are unable to magically age and rapidly progress the education of young workers. This has put organisations in a challenging position, all vying for the best candidates, pushed to revamp their processes to guard against missed opportunities and gear them up for securing the best available talent.

We believe that the same steps are going to get you the same results. Fortunately for us, we gather insight daily from conversations with candidates and companies telling us what they need, what they want, what works and what does not. Fortunately for you, we like to share good tips.

Here are five ways for you to improve your hiring process

Build an excellent employee value proposition (EVP)

Whether you like it or not, tech candidates are in high demand, and with that, they have the right to be more discerning about what they expect from an employer. The EVP is essentially the complete experience of working with your company. It should include:

  • Work
  • Rewards
  • Environment
  • People
  • Opportunities

Setting out a clear EVP helps your online voice (websites, adverts and job ads) to resonate with your ideal candidate, leading them toward you and away from competitors.

Move quickly

It will come as no shock that time is of the essence when in a competitive environment. What should not happen is a loosening of the process. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to tighten up the processes, improve your interview techniques to reduce the number of times a candidate has to come in, all the while maintaining the same stringent thorough analysis and questioning.   

Use behavioural descriptive interviews (BDI) or topgrading

Employers needing to act fast and make sure the hire is right should look to apply some tactics designed to guarantee the interview process is thorough, and the person is being assessed correctly for the specific role in which they are applying. BDIs help to get the candidate to detail their experiences, which can then be reviewed against the need of the role. Topgrading leverages detailed chronological interviews to help organisations learn about applicants based on patterns from various rounds of interviewing and competency questioning. The benefit to both is that they keep the focus on the applicability to the role, not just their likeability.

Embrace recruitment tech and social media

Today there are excellent AI tools available to assist your recruiting efforts. These tech tools can help to review and select the best CVs, through to assessing your organisations’ skill gaps. Digital marketing is another big must-do. Not only does social media help you to keep in touch with your ideal candidates and customers, but it helps you to learn about them through insights and analytics. You can promote the internal culture by posting about new hires, bringing together a community watching how you treat your staff, creating a pool of interested candidates.

Use a specialist recruiter

As the availability of quality candidates has reduced, the need for skilled partners who can find them and tap them on the shoulder has increased. Working with an agency gives you unique insights into the market, we can consult with organisations on what they need to do to get the best people over the line, and we have the best people in our networks. Candidates today are mostly not actively looking; this means a lot more candidate care is required to get the details and the trust of the best in the market. Agencies can help uncover candidates that would never respond to a job ad and will only take the guidance of a recruiter they trust.

If you’re ready to revamp your process and secure the best person for your role, get in touch with Launch Recruitment to speak with our tech and telco experts about how they can help.