News 25/08/2019 by "Andy Mansoori"

Future of 5G in Australia – Pros and Cons

Future of 5G in Australia – Pros and Cons

5G is hot news right now. Whether talking about the myriad of benefits that this technology can bring or the host of rumoured side effects, it seems that 5G is on the lips of tech professionals and tech appreciators the world over. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? And when will it finally arrive? 

Why Do We Care About 5G?

With every new generation of wireless technology comes significant steps forward in the tech solutions that we can create to propel our societies forward. 

Tech professionals care about 5G because of the opportunities it brings to technical solutions. With download speeds of up to 20Gbps, and the ability to process extremely high volumes of data messages in an instant (between 60 and one millisecond), technologists can already begin to imagine a new world where instant processing will create the most responsive programs in history. 

Advancements in self-driving cars, smart cities, remote surgery, and a whole range of IoT solutions will all be able to progress once 5G comes into being.  

On the consumer side, the excitement is centered around the experiential benefits: 

  • Faster internet
  • Lower latency
  • Faster downloads
  • Glitch-free augmented reality
  • Improved services 
  • Better connectivity

5G and RF Radiation

The benefits of 5G are well covered and pretty obvious. Who doesn’t want improved internet speeds which flow on to improving the services we all use and later go to developing better programs, products, and platforms? We can confidently say that everyone is up for these benefits. But are there potential downsides to this technology of the future?

RF Radiation

With the addition of thousands of small-cells from 5G, there will be an increase in RF radiation exposure for everyone. While there is so far no evidence to suggest this has side effects, there is a concern of the health risks in the event that safety measures are not taken to install the technology properly. 

5G in Australia

When looking locally, there is a lot that Australians can take from 5G. Our country is poorly networked, so merely bringing better connectivity has the power to transform the lives of our rural residents. Not to mention improving their equipment, access to services, and enabling advancements can open up new job opportunities – giving us the potential to expand into areas that have historically been left behind. 

In the cities, we can expect all of the benefits we hear on the news as predicted for cities around the globe. 

The potential challenge we face in Australia is implementing 5G correctly. With many towers required, there is going to be a lot of new infrastructure going up across the country, and this is likely to impact the land and those near areas that are on the list for new towers. 

Time will tell how the builds will unfold, but here’s hoping for a smooth installation, following the highest standard of safety measures, so that 5G benefits can be enjoyed by the whole country.   

When Can We Expect 5G?

While we’re still not sure when 5G will come to Australia, there seems to be a global race including the US, China, Japan, the UK, and Europe to try and have 5G released across each country in 2020.

If you’re wondering how to best prepare for the introduction of 5G technology, whether as a candidate looking to secure the best opportunity, or a business looking to get the right candidates to help your telecommunications transition, give us a call today.