News 10/06/2021 by "Andy McGorian"

Hiring Efficiency – Businesses Need to Consider Processes in the Current Market

Hiring Efficiency - Businesses Need to Consider Processes in the Current Market

It’s strange to write about a thriving job market while the rest of the world still navigates uncertainty, but what a start we’ve seen to the year. Early in 2021, we were officially out of our recession and just recently (April 2021), the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that the unemployment rate has decreased to 5.5 per cent

While those figures are good news across the country, those of us in the tech world know that they barely reflect our market. In our nice segment of the business sector, candidates are being snapped up in a flash. No one stays on the market for long. It’s a fight to secure the best candidates, and businesses that aren’t quick to act are missing out. 

In times like these, it pays to take a pause, evaluate your process, and get ahead of the game, rather than being reactive. Businesses need to be hiring efficiently in the current IT market.

Bring the Whole Family into Your Hiring Efficiency Process

When the market is moving quickly, businesses can’t afford to be too rigid. Yes, your hiring efficiency processes are important, but if they cost you, they’re not serving you. Candidates are juggling multiple offers at any one time. If you’re not at the same stage as others, you’ll probably miss out if you’re moving too slow. 

How can you counter this? Start all the processes at once. 

When you bring someone in for an interview, bring in all the relevant decision-makers to meet them at the same time. You can still follow the steps of X number of interviews but bring everyone in from the beginning. This will allow you to get a yea or nay much faster. Letting you take quick action if they end up with another offer. 

This is especially true for contractors. Opportunities move quickly for them, and they don’t have time to sit on their hands and follow inefficient recruitment processes. 

Go Back to the Hiring Basics

No matter whether you’re an underdog or Australia’s most sought-after employer, you cannot afford to be complacent right now. Time is vital. When you have a person on the phone or in an interview, whether in-person or virtual, you need to get across why you’re the business they want to work with—putting yourself out there as an impressive business is equal parts role, business culture, and colleagues. 

Role Appeal

When you’re interviewing people, remember that it’s not just them that need to impress. You need to make sure that you’ve thought about the role and what makes it really appealing to someone. Practice your pitch. Put yourself in their shoes.  

Business Culture

What is it about your business that no one else in the market can give to an employee, regardless if they’re a contractor or permanent? What makes it an appealing place to work? Think of the environment (whether physical or digital) and what it gives those who are there. Practice your pitch. Put yourself in their shoes. 


If you’re conducting an interview, you are the first example of what their colleagues could be like. You need to be warm, smiling, show genuine excitement for the company and your role. Fail that, and you’re not going to make a good impression. There is no excuse for being cold in interviews. Yes, you need to be thorough, but you don’t need to be cold. Again, practice your pitch. Put yourself in their shoes.

Right now, it’s all about coming out of the gate strong. That means strong first impressions and strong hiring efficiency and practices in place that let you act quickly to secure the best people for the job. 

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