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Jobs Growth in AI, IoT, and VR – How These Fields are Changing the Way You Work

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It’s fair to assume that everyone is at least partially familiar with the acronyms AI, IoT and VR. Just in case you aren’t, here’s a quick rundown:

Artificial intelligence is offering us computer systems able to perform tasks that would usually require human intelligence; thus making us more efficient and able to identify patterns and process information at a rapid pace.

IoT is connecting all of our everyday objects to the internet to enable them to send and receive data. This is happening in everything from our fridges to our cars to our doorbells.

Virtual reality is giving us access to computer-generated simulations of images or environments designed to feel real, causing immersion where we can interact with the virtual environment. This technology is being developed for a range of applications, from video games, through to therapy.

The demand for emerging tech candidates has just begun

As these areas grow along with the applications for the technology, so too does the need for candidates in these fields. While there is an increasing number of Australian companies pioneering these fields, we are just at the start of what is bound to become a skill-shortage across these areas.

As technology moves so fast, the education systems have not kept pace to ensure that the skills required are also acquired as quickly. This is causing a skill gap, which will increase exponentially in the coming years.

How to defend against the emerging tech skills-shortage?  

If emerging technology is at the core of your business, you need to take the initiative to upskill internally and take on people who may not have the specific skills but have the foundations to pick it up quickly.  

If emerging technology is a smaller part of your business, and you don’t have the resources to upskill internally, you will need to make big efforts to network and promote your business within the emerging tech space.

Attracting these candidates can be challenging. Everyone wants to work for a Google. If you aren’t a funky tech business, you will need to look at your attraction strategy and design your business to appeal to your future workers.

Already our team is working with clients that are delivering AI, IoT and VR solutions; smart buildings, Agtech, telco, and smart warehousing.

Emerging technology; changing the way we work

From a recruitment perspective, the development of these fields is transforming companies (even their internal culture), to make sure they’re set up to attract the staff of the future. This is before the technology is even applied.

With emerging technology, comes a range of benefits for business. Even here at Launch, we have invested in an AI platform which helps us to better source candidates. This platform changes what information we know about candidates before we even approach them. It helps us to look at working patterns and likeness to move, as well as cultural fit assessments based on which companies they have previously worked for. Solutions like this are huge in increasing the productivity of a business.

Other platforms act as a personal assistant, gathering the news you need to know and giving you a summary of what’s happening to give you an edge against your competitors. Technology is allowing us to augment ourselves, making us smarter, faster and more accurate and efficient in our work.

When hiring for candidates in the emerging tech space, it’s critical to think not only of the skills you need today but the skills your business is likely to need for the future. Launch Recruitment can help you to find the right people and also to give you insight on how to proactively open your business up to appeal to these scarce candidates.

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