News 06/05/2020 by "Megan Luttrell"

9 Podcasts to Lift Your Spirits Through COVID-19

9 awesome podcasts

As we all work from home — our work commutes gone completely, and our social distractions at a minimum — it’s likely that you, like us, are finding yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, wondering how it could be best spent. 

While we enjoy all the motivation inspiration on how we should all be upskilling and pursuing creative endeavours during this time, there is only so much coursework one can do in a day, in addition to your work, before you need a break.

Rather than getting sucked into a Netflix binge (although we have nothing against those, either) why not get yourself stuck into some new podcasts. 

Feel inspired, educated, productive, and entertained – all without having to use too much brainpower. 

To cover all of your moods, here are my picks for the best 9 podcasts to get your through the COVID-19 lockdown:  

News and Education Podcasts

1. The Daily by the New York Times

This podcast is great for global updates and snippets of what’s happening around the world, including good news stories and also some great episodes relevant to the challenges we are facing during self-isolation, like mourning loved ones in a time where people can’t see one another. 

2. Rabbit Hole by the New York Times

Quite different from The Daily, the Rabbit Hole offers an insightful look at how the internet is changing; how it’s changing us and also how the algorithms on websites, which decide what to show you, can influence your thoughts and opinions.

3. TED Radio Hour

Everyone knows the TED brand, and the TED Radio Hour is an excellent addition to their talks, bringing listeners a well-made assortment of podcasts where the hosts bring together TED speakers, and snippets of TED talks, to dive into particular themes. In their episodes lately, they have released some really relevant talks about COVID-19 lockdown. Including how we can rebuild our priorities, the future of work, dealing with loneliness, and more. 

Inspirational, Personal Growth and Mental Health Podcasts

4. The Imperfects

Created by The Resilience Project (an Australian business which does mental health talks with schools around Australia and New Zealand, as well as with sporting organisations) and Ryan Sheldon, this podcast talks about mental health but keeps it light and funny, talking to guests such as Missy Higgens and Jack Watts.

5. A Life of Greatness

With host, Sarah Grynberg, this podcast interviews thought leaders, sportspeople, entertainers, authors and more to discuss how to overcome challenges, conquer limiting self-beliefs and get more from life. 

6. Kind World

Every week this podcast releases a story about a moment of kindness, and recently they are doing little voicemail snippets from readers about their experiences of kindness during lockdown. Listen to this one for an instant lift in spirits. 

7. Modern Love

Based on the New York Times column, and now also an Amazon TV show, this podcast tells stories of love between couples, family, and friends that are voiced by celebrities and are bound to bring smiles or tears of compassion to your face.  

 Pop Culture

8. Grounded with Louis Theroux

For anyone that can’t get enough of Louis Theroux, this is a podcast (which has only released two episodes so far) where he interviews people he admires. So far he has Jon Ronson and Boy George, so it’s bound to be an immediate hit. 


9. Hamish and Andy

If you ever need cheering up, you can’t go past Aussie comedy legends, Hamish and Andy, to infect you with the giggles. 

We would love to hear from you with other podcasts that are getting you through this period. Get in touch with us today, whether you want to talk about career opportunities or podcast must-listens.