News 16/08/2021 by "Stephen Owens"

Prioritising Wellbeing While Battling More Lockdowns

wellbing during covid

So here we are again. Sydney is on lockdown, Victoria has joined (again), and other states can feel the threat of yet another one in the air. If you got comfortable with your freedom, you’re not alone. We were lucky in Australia. Naturally, we hoped that we were on top of it. Sometimes falling from grace hurts more than staying on the ground, so if you’re feeling unbalanced by the lockdowns and uncertainty, it’s entirely justified. 

All we can do now is remember the messages of 2020: your personal wellbeing is number one. 

Whether you’re a job hunter, employee or employer, living your entire day in the confine of your home can be maddening. Making matters worse, these lockdowns make everyone feel more uncertain. It’s exhausting. 

Time to take stock

You’re busy, we hear you. But taking a pause to adjust yourself to the situation at hand is really important to successfully push through it. Everyone has their limits. Chances are you know yours, and you know the measures needed to maintain your sanity. You’ve done this before. It’s time to take the lessons of last year and use them to make a plan for the road ahead. 

Work out your schedule and plan your day

While you can’t go out to break up your day, you have to try and be disciplined in trying not to let work-time spill over into your leisure and wellbeing time. One great way to prioritise the things that keep you happy and healthy is with a Kanban board

On your Kanban board, you can list the work stuff you have to do, as well as the wellbeing activities that will keep you sane throughout the lockdown. Visualising all the things you have to juggle is incredibly powerful for helping you do all the things without stress about what the things are. Stick it on your Kanban board and put trust in the method. 

Find strategies to calm the noise to improve your wellbeing

Getting stuck inside can really do a number on your anxiety and the rumin3ation in your mind. We all know that it’s hard to get out of it once you’re in it, so it’s worth trying to be proactive in making a toolkit to help you calm the noise when you sense it coming on. 

For some people, this could be breathing. For others, it may be intense exercise. Here are a few examples that may help should you need to use them: 

  • Do 10 burpees
  • Practise Pranayama – breathe in for 5, hold for 5, breathe out for 5. Do this for 12 rounds
  • Call a friend
  • Cook or bake something 
  • Get creative – draw, paint, create something with your hands
  • Listen to a podcast – we have a list of 9 here to help you get through lockdown
  • Meditate – check out free apps like Insight Timer that have thousands of meditations that suit whatever your mood 

Plan how to support your staff

If you’re a business leader, this period is a bit of a double doozy. While you’re looking after yourself, you also need to make sure that your staff are feeling supported. The best way to do this is to have transparent conversations about all the business’ steps during this time and how it will impact staff. 

Check-in with each member of your team to hear how they’re feeling and ask them what they need and what worries them. Listening and making a plan together is really the best you can do in this situation. Give them understanding and patience. 

Finally, if you’re having a hard time and your usual wellbeing tricks aren’t helping, there are mental health helplines that can offer advice and support. You can find a list of all the Australian helplines here.

From our entire team at Launch, we wish you patience, calm and wellbeing during this period.