News 29/11/2018 by "Andy Mansoori"

Testers vs Developers – Whose perspective is best

testers vs developers

Behind the creation of applications, websites and pretty much every other technical online platform, what many never see is the team of technologists working together (not always) in harmony to deliver users a smooth, well-functioning product.

Delivering successful software products requires a variety of input, with many staff looking at the product from different angles to ensure the result meets the needs of the business and its users, with no glitches and full functionality.

Testers vs Developers – Similar Yet Opposite

Within these strong technical teams, we find two similar, yet often opposing, team members who together are essential in creating bulletproof products, although it may simply look like a heck of a lot of tension and in-fighting.

I am of course talking about the developer and the tester. The technical duo who are responsible for putting forward the worlds best code through the humbling process of criticising each other’s work.

While the goal of both testers and developers is to produce a quality product, the approach from each side is significantly different, thus leading to the ever common playful debate about who reigns superior in the dynamic. With testers, of course, on the side of testers, and developers on the side of developers.

What unites these two IT career professionals are their common enemies; Time and Vague Requirements. And then what divides them is their inability to speak the same language, making all communication an uphill battle, while fighting against the clock.

Developers make, and testers break. Let’s take a look at the difference in perspective on both sides.

The Developer Perspective

In the red corner, we have the developer, whose role it is to creatively design and bring to life a technical product that meets the needs of the business or user. Taking a slew of requirements from the business, the developer often sets out to create something out of nothing. The developer spends their days agonising endlessly over the best possible features and functions to pull off near-impossible feats and bring the world a high-quality product with all the bells and whistles to satiate our ever growing appetite for more more more.

The Tester Perspective

In the blue corner, the tester, who is often seen as the villain whose role is primarily to take the results of a developers blood sweat and tears and intentionally set out to break and pick it apart, with the noble intention of ensuring a customer proof product that is unbreakable. Even if the pride of the developer is crushed in the process.

Where the Head’s Butt

Starting first with the developer who is typically recognised as the sufferer in this dynamic, with their hard efforts poked, prodded, and ripped to shreds at every turn. Despite all the best of efforts, working as a developer means constant critical analysis of your work. Thought you submitted a perfect piece of code? “Think again!” the tester snaps back. Leaving the developer with a pile of work, having to go back, pull apart all their previous efforts and find the faults that they worked so hard to keep out of the code.

While it’s easy to see why the tester makes life hard for the developer, what about the hardship of the tester? These brave souls enter a team with the sole purpose of trying to break and report issues on other peoples work. Struggle to make friends in the workplace? Imagine being this person. While the tester may be the one dishing most of the digs to the pride of the developer, they must contest with playing the role of the villain. Having shade thrown and eyes rolled in their direction as they highlight all the tiny mistakes of the team around them.

So who then plays the more critical role within this dynamic? Who suffers the most and who deserves the sympathy of the surrounding team? We would love to hear your thoughts. And if you’re brave enough to be in one of these roles and looking for a new challenge, get in touch with Launch to help find your best new internal enemy.