Career Tips 25/07/2018 by "Gus Jansen"

Top Trends for Digital Professionals in 2018

trends for digital professionals

The digital landscape changes at a rapid pace. Since the field has formed, no two years are the same. Leaving digital professionals on an endless quest for continual development in order to stay ahead of the pack, adopt emerging technology and keep their companies forward thinking, innovative and successful.

Earlier this year we published a Digital Jobs Outlook, which already begins to give hints as to what is coming in the digital space. Amongst these high demand skills were SEO skilled content managers and producers, UX designers, services designers and visual designers. It will not spread shockwaves to learn that content is still critical — as it was in 2017 — but the demand for SEO savvy content creators has increased. What’s interesting within the UX and UI space is the impact of emerging tech, which is forcing developers to become more human-centric; right down to coding personality.

5 Digital Trends of 2018

Artificial Intelligence

We could write an entire series on the possible implications of AI on marketing, business and society. However, we will stick to what is hot and relevant right now. This technology excels when applied for completing tasks or acting as an advisor (gatherer and presenter of information). Chatbots are one solution that gathers information from customers while improving their experience and making life easier for businesses by directing customers to the right place. Be careful not to give too much trust to this technology just yet; its success today is still largely dependent on the human holding its hand.  

Live Videos

In case you haven’t noticed, live videos have taken over the internet, namely Facebook. Live videos present an opportunity for brands to get closer to their customers and customers are responding; tuning in, liking, and commenting. This channel can be cleverly used to link into launches, product demos, etc. You can expect it to continue to rise; particularly now Instagram has put some skin in this game.

Voice Search

As technology evolves, we become lazier; who wants to type when you could just speak to your phone or smart device? There is a race to adopt voice technology as the tech hardware market begins to do away with keyboards. If you aren’t adopting voice search, your consumers will soon not be able to find you.

Content Marketing Merged with SEO

We touched on this one before. No longer is content marketing sufficient on its own, the battle to be the best SEO’d site on the internet means that content marketing needs an extra technical boost to get it to the audience it’s intended for. Content creators will need to look at professional development in SEO to keep ahead of the game.


This one has been kept until lucky last as we believe that personalisation is the overarching trend for 2018. Sure, you can adopt AI, but if you deliver customers something that is not personalised to them, they will bounce quick smart. You can adopt all the major digital and tech trends, but it is what you do with them to enhance the customer experience that will be pivotal to your success.

Customers give companies a lot of data. With this they expect personalised services; advertise something relevant based on customer data and your customer will love you, suggest to them something they would never purchase twice — like Amazon re-marketing a toilet seat — and you’ll get blasted on Twitter.

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