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What is AWS Serverless, and Why is Everyone Moving in that Direction?

amazon serverless in AU

Amazon Web Services has been making big waves down under since landing in Sydney, late 2012. Cloud storage and data services had already been popularised, understood, and well adopted in Australia when the tech giant hit home-shore, so it was no surprise AWS took off with great success. In fact, the launch was anticipated that niche consultancies began sprouting up, dedicated to helping businesses migrate and make the most of their AWS services.

Since that fateful day in 2012, AWS has continued to dominate the Aussie business landscape as a cloud service of choice, with an ever-increasing range of services and capabilities, including the much loved AWS serverless.

While serverless has become the hottest tech topic of late, serverless services have actually been around since the mid-2000s. It is just Amazon that had taken the term mainstream with their launch of AWS Lambda in 2014.

What is AWS serverless?

Firstly, let’s look at Amazon Web Services. AWS is a secure cloud services platform. They offer various services including computing power, database storage, content delivery and a host of other functionalities for businesses to scale and grow.

Amongst the AWS solutions, is AWS serverless, which permits businesses to build and run applications and services without the need for servers — no provision or maintenance and no software or runtime. AWS serverless also handles everything you need to run and scale your applications by adjusting capacity through toggling units of consumption, rather than units of individual servers. Then finally, AWS serverless doesn’t make you pay for idle capacity, so if your code is not running, you are not being charged.

What this means for businesses is that the staff you would have typically had monitoring and managing the servers can now focus on building and running new applications and services for your business. Serverless applications also have a built-in availability and fault tolerance, which saves your developers time architecting for these capabilities.  

In a nutshell, AWS serverless benefits include:

  • Freeing up resources for other projects
  • Saves you money (on servers and not having to pay when your code is not running)
  • Preempts your needs with inbuilt capabilities like fault tolerance
  • Enhanced scalability functions
  • Increases overall productivity due to all of the above benefits

What is AWS Lambda?

When talking about or researching AWS serverless, AWS Lambda is going to come up – a lot. AWS Lambda is a feature within the AWS serverless “Compute” offering, and this is the feature which popularised serverless across platforms. AWS Lambda is the feature that lets businesses run code with just about any kind of application or backend service, with no administration. Developers can upload their code, and Lambda looks after all you need to run and scale the code with high availability. This code can be set up to trigger from other AWS services automatically, or it can be called directly from any web or mobile app.

It’s not surprising to us that Australian businesses are jumping on board with AWS serverless at a rate of knots. In a time when developers and architects are highly sought after and hard to come by, services like AWS serverless can help to relieve some of the burden to allow your human resources to get more done with less.

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