News 05/06/2019 by "Launch Recruitment Team"

What makes a top biller?

Top billing recruiters are acutely aware of their time, they understand recruitment is a service industry, we sell our time, therefore they are meticulous in measuring their time is spent on the right activity. As a manager I find I can never speak to a top biller as they are always on the phone, with a client or with a candidate, exactly where they should be!

Top billers have a combination of factors that create their success; they work for clients and candidates that value their service, they have confidence, determination, resilience, a winning attitude, they have great support, they embrace technology, invest in their learning, they are usually specialists and they are always persistent.

So, you want to become a top biller? Here’s some advice to get you there.

Top Billers are Always on the Phone

They are always on the phone speaking to clients or candidates and closing deals. Protect your time for revenue generating activity, say no to time wasting orders and noncommittal candidates and ask better questions. Top billers don’t hide behind email, they pitch their candidates face to face or over the phone.

They have Good Support

Top billers avoid tasks that can be outsourced. This ranges from; candidate research, database administration, cv formatting, email and calendar management. You’ll often find that top billing consultants work within a great team, with a back-office function that is there to support their role and have them doing what they do best.

They have long term relationships with both clients and candidates

Top billers ultimately care about the relationship more than the immediate deal. Their reputation is everything and they put their candidate’s careers and the client’s businesses first. This ethos drives long term relationships and ultimately long-term relationships are more profitable. There is a shorthand in dealing with a client who trusts you, no need to push to bring on the job or have a client see your candidate, the trust by-passes the need to sell. Also, the hit rate is higher, if you intimately understand your client the candidate match is easier to find, everyone wins.

They specialise

They are known for a role type or an industry and they immerse themselves in the area to be known as expert and an advisor. They know their market and because they are a specialist in their area, they become the go to for both candidate and client.

They are process orientated

Top billers are the winning combination of great sales people with a working philosophy that demonstrates their reverence to process. Process will set you free! There is a proven process that works in recruitment and great recruiters methodically stick to it. Top billers maintain control over the process for all parties involved.

They are goal orientated

Top billers have a desire to achieve more. They are always thinking about their next challenge and have a huge appetite for success. They never fall complacent. They always have short, medium and long term targets set, this means they always know what they need to achieve and are working to a plan.

They are persistent

Recruitment is not for the faint of heart. Top billers are not overly emotional when an assignment doesn’t go to plan. They move through obstacles with ease and have back up plans and contingencies for most situations. They are persistent in; their drive for success, their care for the candidate, their investment in the client, their process, their interest in learning and their calm approach to problem solving.