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Your next move … Choosing your next move in your Recruitment Career


It’s a big decision, you spend so much of your time at work. It’s imperative to choose an organisation that will support you and help drive your success. You also want to feel cared for at work and surrounded by like-minded people. So, what do you look for when deciding on your next career move in recruitment? I think the first question is role type; agency or internal, candidate management or client management, 360 degree or delivery only.  You need to select a role that plays to your strengths. A great Rec to Rec can guide you in understanding the role types in recruitment and how your personality and experience match the position.

OK if you’ve decided on agency; here are a list of topics you should explore before signing on the dotted line for a new job.

  • Consultant churn rate
  • Management structure and experience
  • National coverage
  • Learning and development plans and opportunities
  • CSR Program
  • What is the quality of their client list, what is the tenure of their client relationships, is the majority of their work contingent or exclusive
  • What technology do they employ for CMS and general efficiency
  • Do they have a multichannel approach to candidate attraction with all of the available tools
  • What is the marketing strategy and how does marketing support the consultants in new business development
  • Have a good look online – what is their digital footprint (Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, Vlogs, podcasts etc)
  • What’s the commission structure and other benefits
  • Forward planning, what is the strategic plan and how far forward is the forecast
  • What differentiates this business from other agencies in the market
  • Specialist or generalist
  • Values alignment
  • Culture, how does the management and the staff describe the culture and does the description match.



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The above list expanded…

Consultant churn; check out LinkedIn to see if the agency can hold their people. If the churn rate is high you must ask the question… Why? There could be a reasonable explanation however it could also be poor leadership, or culture.

Management; Strong leadership is a must in the organisation you choose, if possible, ask to meet the CEO, check out her/his background, what is her experience, how long has she been in industry, does she have a proven track record of success? Do your research online and then back that up with conversations with those who have worked for her now or in the past.

National coverage; This may or may not be important to you. National coverage or lack there of can restrict the client base, many enterprise customers require suppliers to have national coverage – something to consider.

L&D; I think this is one of the most, if not, the most important thing you should explore in-depth. How much or little is the organisation willing to invest in your learning. How serious are they about their employees being the best in industry? The recruitment industry is ever changing, as are the sectors we supply to, to deliver excellence you must be ever learning in your profession in line with the changing environment we work in. So, ask these questions: Is there a company Learning and development plan? Are there individual learning and development plans? How often will I train? Who are the partners you utilise in L&D? Is there a budget for my L&D?
Throughout the interview process, when you get to meet your future work colleagues, check their experience with the L&D programs within the organisation.

CSR; This may not be important to everyone, but it certainly is to me. What does the organisation give back to community? I think Corporate giving says a lot about the values of the organisation. There needs to be a values alignment between you and the organisation you chose to work for, bringing me to another point. Check out the company values and again ask the question; how do those values play out in the everyday? Values, CSR, L&D, consultant tenure, they are all developing the culture story for you. So how does the organisation describe its culture and cross reference this description across multiple people in the organisation to ascertain if there is a consistent message.

Technology; You can’t be left behind in recruitment. The organisation you choose must be investing in the latest technology to produce efficiency and the best outcomes for your customer. Are they using; Cloud CMS – you should be able to access your data anywhere anytime, what is the size and relevance of the database, AI tools for search, LinkedIn Recruiter, Data Analytics, off shore research, best hardware – laptops, mobiles, multi-screens, back end of Seek etc.

Marketing; Does the organisation have a dedicated and skilled marketing team that work with the consultants to develop their individual brand and broader company brand? You could ask to see the marketing plan or ask how the organisation’s marketing will directly impact you and your role. Go online and experience the brand; the website, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Vlogs, check out the profiles of your future colleagues, are they investing in their online brand?

Differentiators and Forward planning; The manager you are interviewing with should be able to easily articulate the company differentiators. And you should be impressed with those differentiators because this is how you are going to be able to sell your services above what your competitors are offering. The manager should also be able to provide you with a summary of at least a 3-year plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

It needs to be right … it’s your life, your time, you want to be working with an organisation that values your contribution … Good luck!


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