Recruitment Industry Trends Wed, 8 Jan 14 by "Rebecca Wallace"

Recruitment Industry Trends 2013

What major trends emerged in the recruitment industry during 2013 and how do you see them developing through 2014?

The speed of change in the industry has surpassed our expectation with a plethora of topics to discuss, as a start; mobility, technology investment, increased importance of social media, procurement’s focus on indirect spend, growth of internal recruitment teams, actionable analytics and LinkedIn.

In 2013 mobile devices passed PC’s to be the most common web access tool. Specifically some stats from our industry; 48% of traffic to Seek came from mobile devices, an increase of 13% on the previous year. LinkedIn stated that in Q3 of 2013 mobile accounted for 38% of unique visiting members and in some markets outside of Australia it is greater than 50%. The message, a responsive website and job search function is a necessity for any agency or organisation wanting to engage the candidate market.

Recent recruitment industry trends have seen significant investment in recruitment technology to assist in more efficient ways to source, access and hire. This is across job boards, assessment systems, CRM’s, social networking sites and interviewing software. Investing in smart technology is necessary to stay competitive however technology will never replace the human element required in a recruitment process. Like never before, our consultants require specialist knowledge, skills and personal networks in their niche area to differentiate in a changing market.


Those who attended Greg Savage’s recent seminar would have heard his strong message regarding social media and its importance in brand building, talent attraction and business development. It’s a compelling argument with plenty of supporting evidence to demonstrate growth success through social media activity. However ‘likes and followers’ don’t make the placement, social media is necessary in today’s market, yet managing consultant time on social will become increasingly important. Investment in a Social Media Manager to assist your consultants in strategy and time management whilst building their social brand could be a wise appointment for 2014.

Over the past few years many organisations have invested in the permanent employment of internal recruiters to complement their HR team or opted for an RPO model to fully manage the recruitment function. Previously recruitment would make up only a part of the HR generalist’s role responsibility and would more often be outsourced to a trusted agency partner. In 2013 we saw internal recruitment teams grow and now even smaller organisations have a designated headcount to focus specifically on recruitment.

These teams can access the same vast talent pool through social media sites. In March of 2013 LinkedIn hit 4 million members and just seven months later in October they announced 5 million members in Australia, beyond their own growth predictions. There are 259 million members globally and professionals join at a rate of two per second. So it’s not access to candidates that now differentiates us, but our ability to mine the data effectively and our consultant’s expertise in convincing top candidates to make the move to our client’s opportunity. It’s a combination of expert skills and knowledge of the recruiter, supported by great systems and teams, with a strong social brand – this is the winning formula to a great year in 2014.

Recruitment Industry Trends 2013-2014