Recruitment Industry Trends 11/12/2019 by "James Lawson"

Top 5 Recruitment Trends Coming in 2020

Top 5 Recruitment Trends Coming in 2020

With just one month left until the holidays, it feels reasonable to imagine we’re already there and 2020 is upon us. No, not just because we’re all eager for our summer holidays, but because some fascinating trends are coming to recruitment in 2020 and we think you’re going to want to know about them — before you get the break to ponder what’s next for your career. 

1. Dynamic Candidates

In a tight market, companies value tenure and retention. As a result, companies are going to be looking for candidates that can be used and re-used within the business, across various projects. 

This is great news for candidates who like diversity and want more security. To prepare for this, you should think about not only your primary skills but also what you’re interested in and what you have exposure to in other fields. Communicate all of your skills, not just those you think are relevant for the first job at hand. 

2. Robotic Recruiters

Artificial Intelligence is getting a real foothold in the recruitment industry, both at recruitment agencies and within companies. Therefore, everyone needs to be prepared to encounter more AI tools in 2020. 

As the demands increase on recruiters, typical networks and classic tools are not always enough to deliver the impossible that most companies need today. Leveraging AI allows recruiters to have a helping hand with searching and longlisting that ensures the best people are always identified. 

3. An Influx of Job Seekers

With major companies like Telstra and Coles letting go of thousands of employees this year, there has been an influx of skilled candidates coming onto the market. 

This is excellent news for companies who have been struggling to find enough people, but it is something that candidates need to be prepared for. Those who have been let go are knowledgeable, driven and hungry. Early 2020 is not going to be as 2019 has been — with any skilled tech candidate being in high demand — you’re going to have to work for it. 

4. Working With Recruiter Tools 

We’ve already touched on AI for aiding recruiters in their searching, but this technology only helps us to search on information that is provided to us by the candidates we have relationships with. If you want to be found, you need to work with our tools. 

If you haven’t listed the tools, technology or projects you’ve worked on in your CV (that’s updated on Seek), or on LinkedIn, then we don’t know that you have the experience. 

Start 2020 by updating all of your information, everywhere you promote yourself online or through recruiters. As the competition heats up, it will be those that are found first that get the first calls. 

5. Marketing and Social Advertising

Both Facebook and LinkedIn now have the opportunity to post ads and offer more direct and targeted access to candidates. This changes the way we advertise and source for active candidates, and in some cases, a post to a professional network will be more effective than a traditional ad. 

Companies and recruiters should start using these platforms to post job ads. Both as a standard post on their business page and a paid post. Candidates should watch out for this shift. Look at your newsfeed on these platforms to check for opportunities that may not be going up elsewhere. 

The new year break is a natural time for reflection on what you want to achieve in your career next year and what you need to be aware of to get ahead. Take a look at our new year tips for achieving your goals.