How to Use a Recruitment Consultant Effectively

Recruiters have, at times, been the subject of harsh criticism, sometimes warranted, but often the result of a lack of understanding of the role of a recruiter and how to use them effectively when looking for a job. The following points may be useful in assisting a job seeker to utilise a recruitment consultant more effectively:

How to Get the Job You Want While Working - Up-Skilling

The most successful people know that to achieve their career goals it’s important to be proactive and constantly increase their work skills. If you're wondering how to get the job you want, a promotion or a pay rise, here are 5 approaches you can take to up-skill while at work.

Processes for Building and Retaining a Diverse Team

By now most Australian companies are aware of the benefits of having a truly diverse team and how it impacts productivity, performance, team morale and the bottom line. So how does a manager build and grow a diverse team?

Get Ready for New Job Opportunities

Whilst technical skills will be needed for years to come in every industry, now is a great time for job seekers to broaden the skills they need to become more marketable. Our blog shares some simple steps you can take to uncover new opportunities and help land your dream role.

SMART Goal Setting for 2017

Setting goals is an excellent way to have the direction, motivation and drive you need to get through the lead up to the holiday season and plan for a productive and successful year ahead. Using the SMART approach, you can set yourself up well to both define your goals for 2017 and achieve them.

10 Tips for Achieving Wellness at Work

Wellness is the key to maintaining the energy and focus we need to be fulfilled and reach our personal and professional goals. Taking advantage of workplace health initiatives and supporting ourselves from the inside out are the key to keeping on top of it all and staying happy and healthy at work.

How to Handle Your Resignation

Changing jobs is a big decision and resigning can be a scary process, particularly if you’ve worked for the same organisation for many years. In any situation, handling a resignation the ‘right’ way is important, as it helps you maintain your professional reputation and contacts and leave the door open for future possibilities.

Tips for a Successful Resume

Having your resume reviewed by an employer or recruiter is the first step in securing your dream job. You need your first impression to be strong, and this starts with your resume.