Career Tips 12/05/2020 by "Samantha Garden"

Guide to Nailing Video Interviews

guide to nailing video interviews

As with all of our other business activities, job interviews in the COVID-19 lockdown have gone online, with video interviews now the only option while in-person meetings are still unadvised through much of the country. 

While you may think “an interview is an interview”, video interviews can actually be a little more challenging than in-person interviews. With a screen between you, it can be harder to build rapport, and there are many impressions from body language and external surroundings that you won’t be able to gauge, which could throw you off your game if you’re not well prepared. 

As always, preparation is key, and to make sure you’re as prepared as can be, we have your guide to nailing your next video interview. 

Practice the STAR method 

Just because video interviews are different doesn’t mean that the old rules of interviews don’t apply. That means, stick to the STAR method for answering interview questions. Read more on the STAR method if you’re a little rusty.  And practice, practice, practice how you will answer — using STAR — to keep your answers informative and valuable while keeping you from drifting off on a tangent. Thanks to being on video, you can even stick a big note in your line of sight with “STAR”, as a reminder to monitor where your questions go. 

Get Dressed

While you may be able to get your job done in your pyjamas effectively, the adage “dress for success” has a lot to back it. Time and time again we are told that dressing up (not like you’re going out, just like you’re going to a professional meeting) helps to boost your mood and put you in the frame of mind to play the part you want to secure. What you do on the bottom is your choice, but it’s recommended to dress as you would if you were going into the office – just in case you have to get up and the interviewer gets a good look at your whole ensemble. 

Prepare Your Equipment 

Fifteen minutes before you’re due on your video interview, be sure you check that your Internet is running smoothly, you’ve downloaded whatever platform you’re going to use for the video call, and make sure your video and audio are working correctly to ensure no delays or interruption through your interview. 

Find the Right Setting

You want to find somewhere nice and quiet, where you will not be interrupted, but also make sure you have good lighting so that the interviewer can see you clearly (this helps to build rapport), and make sure there is nothing in the background, in view of the camera, that you would prefer the interviewer not see.

Make Eye Contact

This is a tricky one, as your instinct will be to look at the interviewer, but they are not located where the camera is. Try to practice beforehand and keep aware in the interview to look up to the camera whenever you remember so that you give the impression of looking directly at them. 

Prepare For the Worst

There are many more things that can go wrong on a video call than in person; Internet dropping out, kids busting in the room or technology glitches. As such, try to relax and remember that the rules of video interviews are a little different. And while you want to be as professional as possible, you’re in a situation that everyone can empathise with right now. Apologise, laugh it off and try not to let these things fluster you. 

For more tips on how to work through or recruit in a virtual scenario, check out our blog. And when you’re ready for your next move, get in touch with Launch to learn about what roles are currently open.